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Our Software Beta Planning Kit is Now Available

November 22, 2011

A detailed beta test plan is one of the key components of a successful beta test. When your beta test is well-organized from the start, it allows you to stay focused on your product during testing, rather than playing catch up. To help more people develop great beta testing plans, we decided to create free beta test planning kits. We started with a hardware beta test planning kit, and today we’re publishing a kit for software betas that caters more to software-specific topics like digital distribution and product keys. So whether you’re running a desktop, mobile, gaming, or web beta, our beta test planning kit can help you do it better.

Our free Software Beta Planning Kit includes everything you need to craft a rock-solid beta test plan. Here’s what you’ll find inside the kit:

1. Comprehensive Beta Test Plan Template

We’ve developed a template that’s complete, easy to use, and will make you look great. Our template covers more than 20 unique beta planning topics from scheduling, to budgeting, to closing your test.

2. Helpful Companion Guide

We’ve included a detailed guide that walks you through every topic found in the template. The guide also includes more than 25 great tips to help build a bulletproof beta.

3. Complete Sample Beta Plan

Lastly, we’ve included a working example of a complete beta testing plan using our template. If you’re looking for inspiration as you’re drafting your own beta plan, this is your handy reference.
Download our free Software Beta Test Planning Kit now

Download the Software Beta Planning Kit
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