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Content Release

Bright Future Ahead for Smart Lighting

January 11, 2016

No one knows exactly how the home automation revolution will play out. We already know it’s big and has the potential to change many people’s lives. What we don’t know yet is how it will look: which products will overcome the problems plaguing current models and be the first to experience mainstream success?

Thus far, there have been two product categories that have generated the most product sales in home automation: climate control and home security. Our recent survey of 2,600 members from our beta tester community, revealed that 72% of early adopters had bought a smart climate control product, followed by home security products with 53%. These numbers are consistent with other studies that have also focused on measuring home automation product popularity.

It was surprising to discover, however, that smart lighting products came in third in our survey. Where other studies have shown underwhelming popularly for smart lights, 46% of our smart home product owners reported having smart lighting.

In an effort to learn more about why lighting performed so well among our community, we asked our respondents that own smart lights, if they also own other smart products. Out of those who currently own a smart lighting product, over 60% of them own three or more smart products. 68% of smart light owners said they also own a climate control product, 61% own a smart security product, and 59% own an audio/visual device. Only 6% of smart lighting owner’s own just a smart light product.

Could smart lights be the next big product category in home automation? The data seems to suggest it could be. It appears that early adopters who already own one or two home automation products, seem to be adopting smart lighting as the next piece of their smart home system.

When we asked smart home product owners which smart home devices they planned on purchasing next, 25% said home security, but smart lighting was close on its heels with 24%.

The success or failure of smart light technology is far from certain, but the fact that early adopters are purchasing smart lights is an encouraging sign that mainstream popularity could be right around the corner.

If you’d like to see the full results from our home automation survey check out our infographic!

Download the full infographic!

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