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Building Beta in a Robotics Company with Israel Nunez

Posted on
April 23, 2024

In this episode, we explore the intricate world of beta program management with Israel Nunez-Santiago, the Beta Program Manager at Universal Robots. Delve into the strategic thinking and detailed processes behind managing successful beta programs in a high-stakes industrial robotics environment.

Israel takes us through the challenges and triumphs of fostering a culture of feedback and continuous improvement, pivotal in driving product excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction in a rapidly evolving tech landscape. Discover how Universal Robots leverages beta testing to refine their revolutionary six-axis robots, ensuring they meet the demanding needs of manufacturing and automation applications.

In This Episode:

(0:00) - Intro

(1:00) - The origin story of Universal Robots' beta program and its evolution.

(4:20) - The motivation behind Israel's role and the inception of the beta program.

(6:06) - Early challenges and growth pains of establishing the beta program.

(8:36) - The importance of internal marketing and convincing stakeholders of the beta program's value.

(16:16) - Tactics for showcasing the beta program's importance and ROI.

(21:45) - Rapid-fire questions revealing personal insights and professional wisdom from Israel.

About Our Guest:

Israel Nunez-Santiago stands at the forefront of shaping the future of industrial robotics through his role as Beta Program Manager at Universal Robots. With a keen focus on beta program management, Israel has been instrumental in bridging the gap between development and real-world application, ensuring products not only meet but exceed market expectations.

His work involves coordinating large-scale tests, engaging with over 300 global companies, and fostering a feedback-rich environment that drives innovation. Israel's approach is marked by a deep commitment to quality, a passion for collaborative problem-solving, and an unwavering dedication to enhancing customer experiences through technological advancement.

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