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Centercode Sets the Standard for Customer Validation with C14

September 7, 2017

This week we’re releasing the latest version of the Centercode Platform, and it is our most significant release yet. With this release we’re going beyond the platform to provide our customers with not only the technology to run successful Customer Validation tests, but also the people and processes that are integral to building an industry leading customer feedback program.

We’ve listed a few of the major highlights of the release, but feel free to dig into the resources at the end of this post for a more complete look into how the new Centercode Platform can help your company collect actionable customer feedback. We’d also be happy to show you with a one-on-one demo!

A Complete Framework for Your CV Program

With this release we’re not only including new features and enhancements, but we’re also integrating the Centercode Customer Validation Framework (CVF) directly into the platform, allowing our customers to execute tests that leverage our 16 years of experience managing tests for hundreds of companies.

The Centercode Customer Validation Framework distills decades of collective Customer Validation experience and proven methodologies into a framework providing a complete collection of professional assets and processes to run successful Customer Validation Tests.

Paired with our framework approach to CV testing, our new Centercode CVF training provides our customers with the information and guidance needed to build a robust customer panel and run effective, insightful Beta Tests using our new best practices Beta Project Template. By providing these processes and assets we’re helping our customers take the process of building a world-class customer feedback program, which can take years to grow and perfect, and cutting that down to weeks.

Updated User Interface

We’ve also made significant improvements to nearly every aspect of the Centercode interface, providing a more modern experience, reduced loading times, and an array of significant time-saving shortcuts. Our new interface makes it easier than ever to navigate our robust platform and get to the information you need, quickly.

C14 Screen Shot

Improved Form Management Interface

We’ve updated our powerful form engine with a myriad of quality-of-life improvements and new features to assist in the creation of quick, elegant, and impactful forms across the entire Centercode Platform. This allows users to build more effective User Profiles, Test Platforms, Project Profiles, Surveys, and Feedback Types into their projects.

Updated Text Editor

Our new visual content editor gives you dramatically more flexibility and control, allowing you to create beautiful content and emails for your testers, leveraging custom corporate colors and consistent professional styling across all content.

First-Class JIRA Integration

C14 Impact and Enterprise Editions include a dedicated JIRA Integration that makes it quick and easy to provide bugs and other product issues directly to your QA and development team. You can seamlessly send Centercode feedback tickets directly into your JIRA instance and display relevant information from JIRA in your Centercode feedback interface.

New Suite of Platform Services

As part of making sure that our customers have everything they need to execute successful Customer Validation tests quickly, we’re launching a suite of Platform Enhancement Services. This includes a complete Program Development service, where our team of experts works with your internal team to build and launch an implementation of our software that both serves your company’s needs and leverages industry best practices.

We also have a full menu of ongoing services that allow our customers to reach deep into Centercode’s expertise for help with the heavy lifting at any step along the way — from running complex tester recruitments, to developing multifaceted workflow configurations and custom integrations with other business-essential systems.

This is truly just the tip of the iceberg in this fantastic release. For more details you can watch our walkthrough video.

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