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Connect 9.2 Coming Soon

June 18, 2010

We’re pleased to announce the upcoming release of Centercode Connect 9.2. This release adds a number of great new features, focuses on further improvising usability and performance, and provides new tools designed to save community administration time. In addition to the new functionality listed below, Connect 9.2 includes over 75 bug fixes and a great deal of additional polish and improved workflows throughout many of our tools.

Trade Compliance

Connect now offers both the ability to restrict access to a Community or individual Projects based on the originating country or IP address/block of a user. This tool allows companies to comply with trade regulation laws regarding sensitive data which may not be distributed to specific countries or regions. This feature is available in Enterprise Edition.

Single Sign-On (Silent User Authentication)

Connect now allows for fully transparent user-authentication (single sign-on) from other web sites. In this scenario new user accounts are created automatically when the user first attempts to access the site, at which point they may participate and provide feedback exactly like other users.

Unique E-mail Addresses

Connect communities now have the option to require users to supply unique email addresses (from other users in the community). This functionality is intended to reduce duplicate user accounts and will allow for many future features which were previously not possible. While this functionality is optional, we’re recommending that all communities enable it as soon as possible. To support legacy data we will be providing database-level query support to merge existing user accounts as necessary.

Quick Feedback Reports

Similar to tasks and surveys, custom project reports may now be generated, automatically including elements for each custom feedback type field. These reports include access to all of Connect’s powerful filtering capabilities, offering infinite analytic options for studying your feedback.

Simple User Password Admin Reset

Community administrators now have a much simpler mechanism to reset user passwords and email addresses. The new system allows administrators to initiate an email which allows users to easily and securely reset their own passwords. Administrators may also use this functionality to quickly update a users email address.

Enhanced User Password Self-Reset

We have completely redesigned the process by which users are able to retrieve and reset their usernames, email addresses, and passwords. This new process includes an E-mail verification loop, and now reveals the secret question the user originally chose when creating their account.

Cross-Project Survey Templates

Community surveys may now be saved as templates which may be used to spawn new surveys within projects. This allows common surveys to be centrally stored and updated in a single place as necessary.

Public Copy

Connect now includes four unique pages which may be free edited (via WYSIWYG Editor, optionally including HTML, images, video, etc.) by administrators. These pages are available to users outside of the authenticated community/projects, allowing the content to be indexed by search engines, as well as linked from the login, sign-up, and recruitment pages. These pages include a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, General Overview, and FAQ. Each page is accessible via a simple short link (ex. and may be linked from both inside and outside of Connect. Alternatively, these paths may be linked to existing pages on other sites (for example a standard corporate Privacy Policy).

Time Zone Revamp

Time zone and date/time usage throughout Connect has been revamped to better address common issues including daylight saving time. Due to this change users will be required to select their time-zone again (it will be prompted once upon login). Moving forward this change will provide more accurate user-adjusted times/dates throughout the site.

Now Scheduling Beta Sites

Connect 9.2 will be offered to customers in beta form on a volunteer basis in the week of June 21st. The final build will begin rolling out to live servers within 2-3 weeks, depending on performance in the pre-release period. If you’re interested in trying the new build, please contact your account manager to request access.

We’re looking forward to your feedback!

Neil White
Chief Technology Officer
Centercode, Inc.

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