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Democratizing User Testing

Posted on
February 27, 2023

Two decades ago, Centercode was bootstrapped by a small group of likeminded founders, collectively driven by our genuine passion to increase the positive impact of technology on the world.

It quickly became clear to us that the ideal way to pursue our goal was to "solve beta testing," a key process considered a necessary evil by virtually every tech company. In our minds, the idea of empowering companies to connect directly with their audiences, teaming up to release the best product possible, is an exciting and irrefutable win for all involved.

Our team of passionate techno-hopefuls has grown considerably, as Centercode has provided hundreds of iconic enterprises with everything they need to build world-class testing programs. This extends far beyond beta testing to include internal dogfooding, continuous user testing, competitive testing, proof of concept testing, and much more. 

In supporting our industry, we've developed hundreds of free educational resources and developed an entirely new form of scalable, modern product testing. In addition, our in-house managed services team has directly helped successfully bring hundreds of awesome products to market. 

Our incredible customers have taught us so much and ultimately helped shape Centercode into the leading beta testing platform in the world, with a halo effect impacting thousands of products and literally billions of users.

To say this has been a humbling experience would be a vast understatement, but at the same time, our offerings have historically been out of reach for most companies. Not only did they exclusively target larger businesses—but also those with mature, centralized testing programs adapted for modern agile product development.

A New Chapter for Centercode and User Testing

Beginning today, we're introducing four new editions of the Centercode platform, offering the benefits of successful user testing to every company developing a product, regardless of their structure or scale.

Our new portfolio is designed with two primary audiences in mind: first, the mature testing programs with the deep requirements and resources we've traditionally serviced; and second, individuals who are responsible for successful user/beta testing alongside their day jobs (product managers, quality, user experience, support, etc). 

Centercode for Individuals:

  • Beta Edition offers a complete set of features designed to allow any individual or company to launch their own testing program. Best of all, Centercode Beta Edition is free forever with no credit card required. It offers a prescriptive feature set that allows you to get going quickly. You'll have your branded testing program up within minutes, able to focus your testers on exactly what you need tested as they generate the real-world issues, ideas, and praise you need to launch and iterate your product successfully.
  • Delta Edition is aimed at individuals who have a user testing program to run on top of their day job. Its design automates much of their testing to not only considerably reduce their time investment, but also greatly increase their results. Delta Edition, like its namesake, offers everything necessary to run a best-practices Centercode Delta Test, including engagement automation, automated feedback prioritization, and dynamic dashboards. Delta Edition starts at $39/m via self-serve upgrade, with no annual commitment.

Given their scope, entirely new training and support resources have been developed for these editions.

Centercode for Testing Professionals and Teams:

  • Pro Edition extends the Centercode feature set considerably, adding deep surveying capabilities, as well as control over feedback design and workflow, including bi-directional Jira integrations. While Beta and Delta focus on a prescriptive path armed with best-practice guardrails, Pro Edition unlocks much of the traditional Centercode flexibility prized by user testing professionals.
  • Team Edition offers the complete Centercode feature set, moving beyond a focus on feedback to provide much more flexibility in how you recruit, segment, work with your users, and much more. This edition is designed for dedicated teams and/or established programs looking to maximize their user testing efforts.

These editions include the amazing hands-on support and training resources Centercode is known for. 

A Testing Community for Professionals

Complimenting our new editions, today we're launching the Delta Community: a new online hub built on Discord for product and user testing professionals to have real-time discussions. Delta Community members are able to share and learn best practices, find new talent to build out their teams, and more. This community is entirely free and open to anyone involved in the business side of user testing, not just Centercode customers.

How does this new model impact existing customers?

Existing customers will maintain their existing subscription models and contracts, while continuing to receive new updates and the high level of support you enjoy today. Feel free to contact your account manager if you have questions.

Thank You

With these new offerings, we hope to not only continue to support the meaningful benefit of technology in the hands of significantly more users, but also to help many more product teams get closer to their customers, sleep better at night, and become absolute superstars within their organizations.

With that said, why not launch your own user testing program today? It's free!

Happy testing,
CEO & Founder @ Centercode

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