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Engage, Exchange, Excel: Peek Inside Our Latest User Group

Posted on
April 25, 2024

For folks committed to driving product development with customer feedback, building a beta program is a worthwhile endeavor. It can also be very isolating without maps, mentors, or sign posts to indicate we're going in the right direction.

The Centercode User Group provides all three by bringing together user testing professionals across tech who are on the same path. With customers and beta managers from across the industry, it's a chance not only to meet your peers who face similar challenges but to exchange best practices and foster collaboration in an intimate setting.

Here are some highlights from our latest event to give you a taste of what you’ve been missing—or what you can look forward to next time!

Interactive conversation on dogfooding

Our first session featured an engaging conversation led by Chris Rader, our VP of Marketing, and Tim Moehring, Head of Services. They led a group discussion about dogfooding, where companies use their own products internally to test and fix bugs before releasing them to the public. This practice isn't just about ironing out kinks; it also deeply involves employees in product development and enhances overall product quality.

But its challenges, like inconsistent participation and feedback bias, are as common in employee testing as they are in consumer testing. Attendees shared their perspective on how they've overcome these challenges and collaborated on ways to drive the value of dogfooding throughout their organizations.

(Interested in learning more about dogfooding? Check out our free dogfooding resource.)

How Corsair increased their beta footprint

In a dynamic exchange, the user validation team from Corsair shed light on their approach to running successful beta programs within the competitive landscape of computer hardware. Cat Ailanjian shared practical insights into their process, from recruitment to feedback analysis, and they addressed navigating common hurdles like participant engagement and data confidentiality. The session concluded with a lively Q&A, offering attendees direct advice from seasoned professionals on improving their own beta strategies.

How beta boosts Bose's product launch success

What sets Bose apart in customer validation? This session explored the top-of-the-line audio equipment company's unique strategies for ensuring their products not only meet but exceed user expectations. Led by former Centercoder and now Bose's Manager of Customer Validation Diego Gomez, user group attendees got a firsthand look at Bose's rigorous testing and real-world scenario assessments.

Diego's perspective provided deeper insights into navigating consumer behavior and product performance. Key takeaways included methods to enhance user participation and techniques to gather more impactful feedback—strategies that could be applied to any tech-driven company’s validation process.

How AI is influencing the future of beta

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize various sectors, the beta testing industry is no exception. Our CEO Luke Freiler led a thought-provoking discussion on how AI can be integrated into beta testing to predict market trends, understand user behavior, and automate repetitive tasks. The session offered a sneak peek at upcoming innovations at Centercode and discussed ways professionals can leverage AI to stay ahead in their careers. This forward-thinking talk was not just about where AI is taking us but how to harness its capabilities to increase the value of beta programs—and the folks running them.

Connecting over trials, triumphs, and tacos

The event wrapped up with a night of networking, where attendees mingled over drinks and tacos—a perfect setting for one-on-one conversations and new connections. The evening also featured a raffle with exciting tech gadgets sponsored by some of Centercode’s clients. It was a fantastic opportunity to not only win some cool tech but also to see the products that have been honed through the very beta tests we discuss.

Our Centercode User Group events are more than just meetings; they're a cornerstone for professional growth and community building in the tech industry. If you're looking to enhance your knowledge, meet like-minded professionals, or simply enjoy a taco (or whatever delectable delights are being provided) while talking tech, make sure to join us at the next event!

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