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Centercode Launches Enhanced Integrations for Powerful Collaboration

August 22, 2018

Our most ambitious platform release – C15 Enhanced Integrations – is here! It features a new out-of-the-box integration with Tableau, as well as flexible integration features throughout the platform’s expanded API. Centercode CEO Luke Freiler sat down to discuss how the latest upgrades alleviate the time-intensive struggles associated with integrating platforms and sharing Customer Validation data across teams.

Why did you decide to focus specifically on enhancing Centercode’s integrations for this latest platform release?

The modern software landscape is all about platforms talking to each other so people don’t have to. From talking to and working extensively with our customers, we know that our platform needs to fit seamlessly into organizations that have many diverse and established systems. From their perspective, it’s critical that these systems communicate directly. They’re looking to operate more efficiently while reducing the risk of data falling through the cracks.

Centercode’s Enhanced Integrations allow our customers to automatically push and pull data to and from their existing internal tools and systems without duplication or the need for manual input. Our new integration features extend the capabilities and value of your current systems by adding new data that they didn’t otherwise have access to.

How do these platform updates increase the efficiency of Customer Validation at an organizational level?

C15 is built from the ground up to integrate with and share data with other systems – both incoming and outgoing. It closes loopholes between teams and makes customer-driven data more accessible to the people who can put it to good use.

For example, you can automatically push and pull updates from Centercode projects into your issue tracking system, CRM, or business intelligence platform. The integrations target and update feedback and related data automatically. In this example, you’re able to remove the time-sensitive, manual step of identifying and updating outdated tickets. This allows engineers to leverage Customer Validation feedback data within the context of familiar processes and environments. The benefits extend to countless other departments and processes throughout your business.

Does the technical focus of this release mean that it’s made for engineers?

The integrations infrastructure is designed for the working professional who may not have a technical background or reasonable access to developers. We’ve created an approachable way for you to apply these integrations yourself from within your Centercode implementation.

We’re using familiar interfaces that empower you to choose the data you want to target. Then, by leveraging simple standards like webhooks and JSON, you can transfer that data to and from Centercode and work with it where it makes the most sense. We also offer on-demand, supplemental services so you’ll have the option for someone on the Centercode side to help configure these integrations for you.

Why would an all-in-one customer testing tool need to have such extensive integration capabilities? Does this mean there are limits to the platform?

Integrations may at first sound like a paradox for a platform like Centercode. It’s capable of replacing numerous point solutions that weren’t designed to accommodate the specific needs of a Customer Validation program. But now we’re also able to cleanly connect with the core systems of business functions that are either adjacent to or farther removed from customer product testing – tools that solve big, company-wide problems.

In addition, these new capabilities allow the platform to integrate with 3rd party services, which can extend the capabilities of any Customer Validation team. For example, you can automate the process of performing background checks or deploying physical test incentives, such as t-shirts printed on demand.

Our goal was to effectively introduce endless opportunities, so our customers can extend their customer testing programs to meet their unique needs. Moving forward, we’ll be paying close attention to how our customers use these new functionalities. We’ll be looking to invest in further simplifying, and even bring popular services and features directly into the platform as first-class features.

Thanks Luke for talking with us about Enhanced Integrations.

If you have your own questions about the C15 release and its new capabilities, leave them in the comments! Interested in seeing Centercode’s integration features in action? Request a demo today.

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