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Three Ways Centercode Helps Product Test Managers with GDPR Compliance

May 11, 2018

Next week, we’re unveiling Centercode C14.5, our newest platform release that gives product test managers and their Customer Validation Teams peace of mind as they work to comply with the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), effective May 25, 2018. This most recent edition of the Centercode Platform offers a host of new features and enhancements that make it easier to manage personal data on both the front and back ends of the Centercode Platform.

Here are just three of the ways that Centercode C14.5 helps you streamline your workflow, improve tester retention, and get GDPR ready while staying ahead of the game in the global movement toward stricter data privacy protections.

Three Ways Centercode Helps Product Test Managers with GDPR Compliance

A Quick and Easy Way to Identify Personal Data

Collecting personal data is central to Customer Validation programs, which places real products in the hands of real people to use in their actual living and working environments. Centercode makes it easy for product test managers to ensure that critical user feedback — such as bug reports, product improvement suggestions, etc. — remains intact while simultaneously allowing testers to have clear control of their sensitive personal information.

With new regulations for managing tester data top of mind, Centercode allows administrators to tag any fields containing personal data, and toggle the visibility of this tag on the user side. With community members able to see which fields are intended for personal data, they can supply the appropriate information with peace of mind, knowing that their personal data will be removed should they choose to leave the community.

All Your User Agreements in One Spot

This release also introduces the Digital Agreement Center, a central administrative place where you can conveniently access all of your active agreements. The Agreement Center provides you with a user lookup function that lists every agreement a community member has completed. From here, you can quickly view or download them as an organized zip file with the click of a button. This new feature is available to active users as well, who will now be able to access their own agreements through their Account Settings.

Users who decide to opt out are still on the hook for any agreements they’ve signed while participating in your projects, and they’ll have easy access to these details – even after they’ve left the community – through a permanent link they receive via email upon opting out.

Centercode C14.5 Release Makes It Easier for Product Test Managers to Keep Track of Agreements

Enhanced Dashboard Helps You Improve Tester Retention

With these new features in mind, we’ve made improvements to the opt out process so that users who wish to part ways can erase their personal data without deleting information vital to your research. With C14.5, project and community form fields identified as containing personal data will be deleted, leaving a bare minimum of information (tester responses, for example) intact but completely anonymized.

Users who leave also have the ability to tell you why they left with a new customizable questionnaire. You can access this information quickly through your Opt Out Dashboard; with easy-to-understand pre-built reports that track motivations over time, you now have even more tools to consistently improve your testers’ experience.

To learn more about how Centercode’s new C14.5 release can help get your Customer Validation program GDPR-ready and improve your product testing outcomes, click here to request a demo, or contact us to talk to a sales representative today.

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