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Happy Holidays from the Centercode Team

December 20, 2018

December’s almost over, but the Q4 hustle is still in full swing. Like everyone else, we at Centercode have been busy preparing for next year. But we’re still taking time out to celebrate 2018’s accomplishments.

From the Customer Validation Conference to the C15 release, we have a lot to look back on. In the spirit of the New Year, we asked the Centercode team to share their favorite bits from 2018. Here are the things they loved about this year and what they’re looking forward to in the next (as well as a few photos from our casino-themed holiday party!).

What’s something your team accomplished this year that you’re proud of?

“We organized and executed Centercode’s first Customer Validation Conference! Meeting everyone made what we do all the more real and inspiring. It’s awesome to help customers improve their products and, in turn, improve technology as we know it.”
Maria Kapitan, Outbound Marketing Coordinator

“A solid C15 release and the accompanying integrations that extend our platform.”
Ben Nicholas, QA Manager

“We revamped Betabound‘s platform and homepage, and we’re all pretty jazzed about it. There are still a few kinks to work out, but it’s equipped our customers and testers with a number of helpful features.”
Conrad Neill, Recruitment Lead

Happy Holidays from the Centercode Team

“We were able to take the reins on a variety of hardware and software projects, and we received excellent feedback from our customers. It’s so gratifying to present something they hadn’t considered in relation to their product’s success. It shows that even recommending the smallest issue or improvement can be helpful to a product’s future.”
Ulysses Quintanilla, Test Coordinator

“I’m really proud of the relationships and trust we’ve built with our customers.”
Jim Le, Support Agent

“We ran a few on-site training sessions that went really well. A lot of planning and work went into them. I’m proud of how much and how quickly the sessions helped those clients develop a mastery of our platform.”
TJ McCabe, Customer Success Manager

Happy Holidays from the Centercode Team

How are you planning on getting into the holiday spirit?

“Listening to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ an ungodly amount. Even when it comes on Spotify in July, I listen to that jam all the way through. You my girl, Mariah!”
Travis Clifford, Customer Success Manager

“I’ll be covering all my food in syrup.”
Chad Pocher III, Business Development Representative

“Spend more time with family.”
Brandon Rego, Account Manager

“Relaxing over vacation. It’s been a long year, after all.”
Frank Vuong, Software Engineer

“Eggnog. Hot chocolate. Christmas sweaters. And Christmas sweaters for my dog.”
Maria Kapitan, Outbound Marketing Coordinator

“Working on a winter-themed cocktail.”
Emil Grecian, Product Analyst

“Having beers with my friends and family!”
Eddie Zamora, Software Engineer

Happy Holidays from the Centercode Team

What technology are you most looking forward to seeing next year?

“5G cellular! It’s going to be insane.”
Drew Kropp, Test Coordinator

“Anything automation or AI-related. I have a deep appreciation for things that make life easier and give me more time to invest in other things. I just read an article about how companies are combining AI with 3D printers to design hardware, so I’m really curious about how these devices are going to shape the industry.”
Conrad Neill, Recruitment Lead

“Honestly? I’m excited for further improvements to the core capabilities of the Centercode Platform! This will better enable it to serve and delight our customers, without footnotes or exceptions.”
Tony Fisher, SaaS Director

“It’s possible we’ll see self-driving cars used for ride-sharing. I’d be so happy if I could be sure that an Uber taking me to a show didn’t smell like cigarettes and farts.”
TJ McCabe, Customer Success Manager

“More smart technology like Google Home or Echo, and smart devices like Nest thermostats.”
Frank Vuong, Software Engineer

“Better iterations on wireless earbuds.”
Brandon Rego, Account Manager

“More VR!”
– Almost everyone

Happy Holidays from the Centercode Team

We’re looking forward to seeing the changes 2019 brings. From the Centercode family to yours, Happy Holidays and warm wishes for the New Year!

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