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Betabound Is Giving a New Face to Targeted Tester Recruitments

July 19, 2018

Centercode’s community of 200,000+ testers has a new look, and it’s more than just a pretty interface. As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers and testers, we’ve enhanced Betabound with new features that alleviate friction, streamline account creation, and make it easier for our expert test managers to recruit and qualify targeted users for your latest products.

Here’s a quick summary of the new updates and how they’ll optimize recruitment and increase engagement on your Centercode-managed customer product tests.

Optimized Profiles Refine User Interest

The community’s two-tiered profiles spur community growth and help us hone our search for motivated testers during more complicated recruitments. Basic profiles provide new users with a fast and frictionless onboarding experience that gets them in the door and ready to test your products in a snap. This ever-increasing pool of users with basic targeting is the perfect source of testers for products with broader audiences or for large-scale projects. Users who go on to fill out extended profiles are ideal for projects with more specific user requirements or tests that are best supported with a larger amount of user data.

Extending Community Reach Through Ambassadors

Betabound’s brand new Ambassador Program leverages our users’ personal connections to continue growing the community and accelerate project recruitments. Through this incentive-based program, Betabound Ambassadors are consistently engaged with our community and actively helping us attract highly motivated users from your audience. Whether you’re looking for tech-savvy seniors or female Android users in the Midwest, the program extends our reach into your target market so that we can quickly meet your recruitment requirements and ensure high participation rates throughout your Alpha, Beta, and Field Tests.

We’re continuing to build on this latest update and our most popular existing features, like posting a free announcement for your next customer product test on Betabound, so stay tuned! If you’ve got a critical customer test on the horizon and need help finding enthusiastic testers from your target market, learn more about our recruitments and how to achieve 90% participation rates!

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