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PM Learnings From Previous Roles with Raiana Zaman

Posted on
June 21, 2024

Dive into the intricate world of digital product management with Raiana Zaman, Senior Product Owner/Analyst at State Employees Credit Union in North Carolina. Transitioning from a developer to a product management role, Raiana brings a unique perspective to the table, bridging the gap between technical execution and strategic product vision. 

This episode explores Raiana's journey, highlighting the skills and mindset shifts essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of product development in the finance sector. Discover the importance of customer feedback, the art of balancing stakeholder interests, and the crucial role of curiosity and problem-solving in crafting digital products that resonate with users and drive business success.

In this episode

(0:00) - Intro

(2:14) - How development experience benefits her current role.

(4:26) - Key skills for moving into product management.

(7:00) - The synergy between product marketing and management.

(9:27) - Early user involvement in development for better product fit.

(13:29) - Prioritizing product quality over strict deadlines.

(16:38) - Using user feedback in product betas for refinement.

(21:24) - Raiana shares quick insights and personal preferences.

About Our Guest:

Raiana Zaman, born in Bangladesh but now calling the USA home, began her professional journey in product marketing, where she spent six years before transitioning to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. This shift marked the start of her exploration into the intersection of technology and market strategy, briefly stepping into software engineering before discovering her true passion in product management. Over the past four years as a product manager, she has experienced the thrill of launching a B2B product from scratch just 1.5 years into her role, a milestone that remains a proud moment in her career.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Raiana greatly enjoys working with startups, guiding them through the intricacies of product development and management, especially in regions where this field is still blossoming, like Bangladesh, which she considers a rewarding hobby. Her commitment to making a difference extends beyond the business world. She volunteers as a guardian ad litem, advocating for children who have endured abuse or neglect, finding profound fulfillment in providing a voice for the most vulnerable.

Raiana takes pride in being the only woman in her family to hold an engineering degree, constantly striving to push boundaries and set an inspiring example. Fluent in four languages and navigating through diverse geographic and industry landscapes, her journey is a reflection of adaptability, lifelong learning, and an unwavering commitment to making a significant impact—both in the world of business and in the lives of those in need.

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