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Product Development

Centercode Is Powering Up These 4 Roles in Product Development

March 31, 2021

Investing in product analytics, quality testing, user experience, and market research are absolutely essential to building a good product. But delivering a great product? That takes a few critical steps:

  1. Get it out of Engineering and into the hands and true environments of targeted users.
  2. Capture feedback from those targeted users and turn it into insights.
  3. Get those insights over to your team so they can execute on the list of prioritized action items you just delivered.

Easier said than done? Not when you have Centercode. With automation to do the heavy lifting, easy-to-setup integrations that will make Ctrl+V feel lonely, and best practices built directly into the platform, supporting Product, Engineering, QA, UX, and Marketing with customer-validated insights is a breeze.
Here’s how adopting Centercode helps organizations level-up and generate greater impact throughout product development with their customer tests.

Driving the Roadmap with Customer-Validated Insights

Product is command central when it comes to ensuring both a successful launch and subsequent product releases. But getting a product out the door can be chaos. Your product team’s attention and focus gets pulled every which way as they steer the roadmap while balancing customer, stakeholder, and executive interests.

Centercode to the rescue. The platform’s blend of best-practice processes and automation makes spinning customer feedback into insights that enable rapid, data-driven decisions quick and reliable. These customer-validated insights reduce friction on your product team throughout the product development life cycle, as everyone has the visibility to rally around your customers.

A group of people representing your company hoisting a child who represents your customers into the air in celebration.

How Centercode Impacts Product Teams

  • Conduct Research by Testing Competitors’ Products
    Centercode enables teams to research and test competitors’ products with potential customers to make sure you have product-market fit and differentiation in your product specifications.
  • Prioritized Ideas Drive Product Roadmaps
    Customer feedback influences your product priorities and decisions. Leverage customizable forms and automated feedback scoring to collect and prioritize the insights Product needs to steer the roadmap and manage the backlog.
  • Capture Feedback from Customers Throughout the Entire PDLC
    Leveraging customer feedback just during the launch phase is what most companies used to do — until they realized how much innovation came from capturing that feedback throughout the entire development process. Today, the best product managers have woken up and changed their approach to include customer testing every step of the way.
  • Relevant Feedback on Key Features
    Communicating test priorities is key to collecting relevant feedback. Centercode allows for the creation of tasks, lists, activities, and content that align with your needs so testers are focused on the areas that mean the most to you.

Engineering & QA:
Focusing on What Matters to Your Customers

Today’s engineering and quality assurance teams are under a lot of pressure. With companies releasing more and more products every year, developers and testers need to identify and resolve complex product issues while staying on schedule and under budget.

Where does Centercode come in? Our platform takes real feedback from real customers testing your products in their real environments and, using a scoring algorithm based on popularity, frequency, and stakeholder prerogatives, ranks issues by impact to the user experience.

That means that almost as soon as targeted customer-testers have submitted issues, those issues are organized and ready for Dev to take action. What’s more, you know they’ll be tackling the most impactful bugs your customers will experience in the real world, which ensures they’re maximizing their limited time and resources before every release.

Michael Scott looking astonished and happy
Your scrum master when receiving a pre-prioritized list of your product's most impactful issues.

How Centercode Impacts Engineering and QA Teams

  • Issue Tracking and Automated Feedback Prioritization
    Leverage fully customizable forms and advanced feedback analysis to get the details your teams need to prioritize issues, identify the root of the problem, and push fixes through development to resolve issues faster than ever.
  • Real Insights from Real Environments
    Interoperability and compatibility testing in diverse environments can be costly and challenging. Centercode allows detailed tester profiling, which then lets your team test specific technologies and use cases.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
    Need to integrate with your existing issue tracking tool? No problem. Centercode’s flexible APIs and webhooks move data in and out of systems with ease.

UX and CX:
Using Feedback to Create Stand-Out Product Experiences

Now more than ever, customers expect your product experience to feel good. Most user and customer experience teams know that delivering exceptional experiences starts with collecting feedback from real potential customers before your product launches. The problem is that capturing meaningful feedback from your target markets can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming.

Centercode was built to deliver this exact sort of customer feedback. With product insights from customer testing that help drive decisions throughout the product development life cycle, UX and CX have the secret intel they need to design great products.

Ted from Bill and Ted saying WOAH
Customer-validated insights + intuitive design = the "WOAH" factor

How Centercode Impacts UX and CX Teams

  • Craft Powerful Activities, Content, and Emails
    Create activities that allow for easy engagement with testers and help you address specific project needs and test objectives.
  • Easily Manage a Community of On-Demand Testers
    Capture profile information, manage confidentiality agreements, and recruit testers within a single GDPR-compliant platform.
  • Advanced Survey Capabilities
    Easily create custom surveys that allow your team to collect quantitative data from target markets and validate product experiences before release.
  • Seamless Integration with Your Existing Systems
    APIs and webhooks allow you to easily integrate with existing tools or create powerful new functions that take your program to the next level.

Identifying Your Customers’ Hero Features

In a marketplace where experiences and impressions are communicated publicly and instantaneously, it can be fatal to wait until after release to collect and act on feedback from real customers.

With Centercode, marketers have access to the critical information they need to ensure their messaging reflects customer needs and preferences. Customer feedback reveals not only which features customers value the most, but also why customers found them so delightful. This enables Marketing to put these powerful insights from the minds of your target market into use before launch.

When you've successfully launched with confidence.

How Centercode Impacts Marketing Teams

  • Validated Design and Development Choices
    Waiting until after product launch to understand customer attitudes towards your product can be fatal. Seeing product features in front of customers offers real validation before it’s go-time, allowing marketing teams to adjust messaging for maximum impact.
  • Conduct Research by Testing Competitors’ Products
    Centercode allows you to better identify and contextualize market needs through user feedback about your competitors’ products. Learning what customers love or hate about the competition will help Marketing craft the most effective go-to-market strategy.
  • Instant Feedback on Key Features
    Find out what your customers love about your product and use that to reach potential audiences. Using customized tasks, lists, activities, and content that align with your needs, Centercode gets testers focused on the features you care the most about.

From Good to Great

All customer testing programs are a little bit different, but the constant is the need to channel product insights throughout their entire organization and at every stage of the product development life cycle. Centercode enables our customers to fill the gaps between other customer research methodologies and push their product through that critical last mile of development.

What are your unique needs? How can we help you deliver better product experience insights and more impact for your organization? Find out what you can improve by scheduling a quick program review with one of our experts.

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