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Are My Testers Ready for Beta Testing?

October 12, 2012

Following our product readiness checklist, we compiled a list to help prepare your testers for a beta. You spent a lot of time planning your beta test and recruiting great testers. With all of the moving pieces involved, it can be tough to keep track of everything you need to communicate to your testers before the test starts. Here’s a list of tasks that must be completed to prepare your testers for success.

Tester Readiness Checklist

1. A sufficient number of testers meeting each required target market segment have been selected and notified.

2. Accurate contact information and addresses (if testing hardware) has been verified for all testers.

3. Non-disclosure and beta participation agreements have been explained in plain English and signed by all testers.

4. Responsibilities and the project schedule have been clearly communicated to testers.

5. Testers understand how to use the systems provided for feedback. If they aren’t dead simple, training or documentation has been provided.‍

6. All resource testers must carry out their responsibilities are accessible and understandable.

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