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Content Release

Free Whitepaper: Getting Ready for Beta Testing

December 29, 2011

With 2012 rapidly approaching, we’re releasing another free beta testing resource that we hope will be very helpful as companies get ready to launch new products in the upcoming year. The whitepaper, entitled Getting Ready for Beta Testing, explores tips and best practices that product developers can rely on as they grapple with the question of when to begin their beta test.

In our experience, thorough beta test preparation requires focus in three distinct areas: product readiness, team readiness, and tester readiness. Each area gets a detailed treatment in the whitepaper, helping readers avoid common pitfalls like distributing beta product without preparing for end-of-beta procedures or harming tester participation because of avoidable delays.

You can download the document by clicking the link below. Please share it with others (and don’t forget about our other free beta testing resources). But, before you go, what sort of processes do you undertake before beta testing? Let us know in the comments!

Download Getting Ready for Beta Testing now.

Image courtesy of Flickr user tableatny.

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