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Test Launch

Is My Team Ready for Beta Testing?

October 18, 2012

After making sure your product and testers are ready for beta, the final piece of the beta readiness puzzle is making sure your internal team is ready. We’ve put together a checklist you can use to make sure that others in your organization are prepared to help run a successful beta.

Team Readiness Checklist

  • ☐ Core parameters and processes (e.g. testing goals, strategies and mechanisms for collecting feedback, categories for bugs, incentives, etc.) have been defined and communicated to all stakeholders and contributors.
  • ☐ Milestones and deadlines have been discussed and all necessary resources are readily available.
  • ☐ Stakeholders have delivered all pre-test deliverables (e.g. tools, documentation, surveys, packaging, product keys, NDAs, beta units, etc.).
  • ☐ Contingency plans have been defined for any stakeholders with limited availability (e.g. planned vacation, potential birth of a child, etc.).
  • ☐ Any infrastructure that will be relied upon during the beta (beta test management tools, customer support, bug tracking, content delivery, servers, etc.) is accessible and has been tested.

Want more information about preparing for beta testing? We have a ton of free whitepapers and kits available in our resource library. Read more about beta readiness in our free whitepaper: Getting Ready for Beta Testing.

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