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Test Planning

The Iceberg of Beta Tester Benefits

December 12, 2022

Most companies recognize the value that beta testers bring to an organization before product launch, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The mass that lies beneath the water line expands far beyond what you see on the surface.

Let’s dive into the value that you see during the development process and the value that may be hidden from view under the water that will continue to carry success long after product launch.

The benefits of testers during product development

The tip of the iceberg is the familiar value that beta testers bring to an organization through user testing during the product development lifecycle. 

As the critical last step before launch, the feedback that testers provide during beta testing is critical to steadily increase the probability that your product or service will succeed when it is launched and lands in the hands of your customers. The recognizable value provided by testers will help you continue to iterate on your products to ensure you launch with confidence.

The values of beta testers that are often familiar:

  • Collect data while using the product
  • Collect Issues
  • Collect Ideas
  • Collect Praise
  • Prioritize feedback
  • Assist with engagement of other testers
  • Validate improvements and fixes
  • Expand usability studies outside of a controlled lab setting

The benefits of testers after product launch

Beneath the tip you have the mass. The value that beta testers bring to an organization does not stop at product launch, in fact, it goes well beyond. However, you can’t always see these benefits, at least not from above. 

After launch, beta testers can significantly improve the user experience and success of your products through their continued efforts and support. If testers have a good experience during the testing period they will feel called to support your products and brand moving forward, knowing they had an impact during development. They will likely continue to bring value to your organization for many years to come, extending well beyond the beta phase.

The extended values of beta testers that are often overlooked:

  • Leave product ratings and reviews
  • Answer Q&A and FAQ on websites
  • Provide testimonials and user generated content
  • Recommend the product to friends, family, and colleagues
  • Provide support to those they recommended
  • Purchase more products from the same brand
  • Become evangelists for your brand

More Than Meets the Eye

Beta, by its very nature, touches every part of your product, and thus can affect the success of every part of the user experience. However, it’s important to remember that success doesn’t happen in a vacuum – it’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

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