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Product Development

What Comes Before Beta Testing?

July 12, 2023

In software development, teams use beta testing to validate a product is ready for public debut. End users test the product in real environments, providing feedback on how to improve it before the official launch. But, what comes before beta testing? Alpha testing.

Alpha testing, also known as technical beta, is a process that involves collecting feedback from technical users. Since alpha versions of software tend to be unstable, testers need to be comfortable with technology. They are often assigned tasks to test the product's features, and their feedback provides insights into areas that require fixing and enhancement.

So, why should you perform alpha testing before beta testing? Alpha testing allows development teams to put their product in the hands of end users at an earlier stage. This approach, known as shifting left, helps in stabilizing the product more efficiently. Additionally, alpha testing prepares the app for the beta release.

An Ounce of Prevention: Alpha Before You Beta

The software release life cycle outlines the stages a product will go through until its final days when it sails into the sunset. Nestled snugly before the beta phase in the development cycle is alpha. Alpha tests are used to ensure that the software is stable before scaling up with more testers in beta.

Right The Ship: Stabilizing Your Software With Alpha

Alpha tests are done by a savvy group of testers, while beta typically uses an audience less comfortable with tech. Alpha testers provide more details on bug reports, often including crash logs and steps to reproduce. These details make it easier to make improvements. 

Dip Your Toes: Testing with Fewer Testers First

There are fewer alpha testers than beta testers. Your alpha team will quickly discover and report critical issues. Having these issues encountered by fewer testers keeps you from having to provide support to a larger group. 

Shape The Future: Using Alpha to Scope Your Beta 

Conducting an alpha test is a great dry run for the beta. Using the alpha to experiment with getting the software into testers' hands ensures a smoother beta release. Alpha will also test the way you manage and support testers, especially if you've never done a test before. 

Practicing with fewer people helps you hone your skills with lower risk. You'll already be familiar with features that have friction. Use that familiarity to develop activities aimed at validating improvements. You can also provide instructions to testers about known limitations.

Signs Your Product is Ready to Enter Beta

By the end of the alpha phase, you should have no major or critical bugs. Since beta tests have a larger quantity of testers, encountering these issues will cause your beta test to fail. The way I see it, if your testers are encountering critical defects in beta, you’re basically running a very expensive alpha. So, to ensure you are ready for beta, ensure there are no significant, nasty bugs and that you’re prepared to support additional testers.


Alpha testing serves as a precursor to beta testing in software development. It utilizes a smaller group of testers to help stabilize the product and ensures readiness by eliminating major bugs. By recognizing the significance of alpha testing, developers can enhance the overall quality and success of their software before it reaches a larger audience during beta testing.

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