Is My Product Ready for Beta Testing?

One question we’re often asked is: How do I know if my product is ready for beta testing? It’s a fair question. QA and beta teams are often pressured to get new products through beta and out the door as quickly as possible, but if a product goes into beta too early it can defeat the purpose of running a beta test. So we’ve created a quick checklist you can use to gauge if your product is ready for beta.

Product Readiness Checklist

  • The engineering team has verified that all of the components of the product are ready to begin beta testing.
  • Auxiliary components (documentation, etc.) have been assembled into a single package which represents exactly what will be sent to testers.
  • The out of the box experience has been successfully reviewed, including setup, installation, and supporting documentation.
  • Basic product functionality has been successfully reviewed (all key features are working) by product management.
  • Known bugs which could not be addressed prior to beta have been clearly documented and communicated to testers.
  • The uninstall process (if applicable) has been verified.

Read more about beta readiness in our free whitepaper: Getting Ready for Beta Testing. You can also find this checklist on page 35 of What You Need to Know About Beta Management. We’ll be posting checklists for tester and team readiness in future blog posts, so keep an eye out!

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