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Centercode Customers See a 646% Return on Investment

October 28, 2020

For nearly two decades, Centercode has provided leading platform and managed service customer testing solutions that help companies turn good technology into great products. A new study revealed that organizations leveraging Centercode saw a 646% return on investment (ROI) from customer testing over three years.

While investing in marketing research, quality testing, user experience, and product analytics are essential to building a good product, delivering a great product requires getting it out of the lab and into the hands and environments of its future users. This study reinforces Centercode’s role in helping hundreds of companies run highly effective, customer-facing tests that significantly increase product quality and customer satisfaction with less time and capital invested.

In-depth interviews were conducted with multiple Centercode customers across a variety of industries. Research and subsequent financial analysis revealed the following benefits to organizations:

Reduced time to complete product evaluation studies with over $620K in labor cost-savings. Centercode’s platform and comprehensive testing services increased time efficiency by 40%.

Increased project quality by collecting over 3,600 new pieces of tester feedback. Organizations using Centercode saw that tester participation increased by 75%, bringing in more valuable feedback like product issues, ideas, and praise.

Avoided over $2.8M in costs by resolving major product bugs prior to release. Product, engineering, and QA departments saved enormous amounts of time and money by catching bugs prior to release. On average, Centercode validated 30 previously undiscovered bugs per test.

Increased engineering efficiency by 10%. Organizations leveraging Centercode produced a cost savings of $121,500 with more efficient workflows for prioritizing incoming feedback and fast-tracking those high-impact issues to engineers.

The new report reveals that before partnering with Centercode, organizations found it difficult to balance the intense manual effort of beta testing with making their beta programs more time and cost-efficient. This created barriers to achieving high ROI and exacerbated challenges like scaling testing efforts, prioritizing feedback for internal teams, and aligning beta processes with the pace of agile development.

Interviewees turned to Centercode to increase productivity but increased productivity was not the only benefit. In addition to the quantified benefits, those interviewed indicated a number of unquantified benefits that brought success to their organizations, including:

  • A repeatable, scalable framework and process for customer testing
  • A high-performing tester pool of participants that fit the organization’s target market
  • A more customer-centric culture driven by real-time insights from target audiences
  • A single, centralized tool for managing all testing data

As one Centercode customer, a Beta and Usability Associate at a multinational consumer electronics company, stated, “I struggled with housing all of my data — it was split between numerous Excel docs, SurveyMonkey, etc. Centercode’s software solved all these challenges for me. I can organize and run three times as many projects with more testers and more feedback.”

As businesses become more competitive with each passing year, B2B and B2C organizations understand that succeeding in today’s technology landscape means using programs like beta testing to deliver an amazing product experience right from the start.

“We believe technology should exist to solve real problems, reduce friction, increase our reach, and improve our quality of life,” said Luke Freiler, Centercode CEO and Co-Founder. “But due to the many mounting complexities of today’s needs, it often struggles to do so.

“We’ve since proven that this dilemma is solved by unlocking opportunities for customers to wield their enthusiasm to participate in shaping the products that stand to improve their lives. We’ve leveraged this boundless enthusiasm to build a movement that facilitates a powerful win-win relationship between innovators and their audiences.”

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