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Case Study

How Arris Saved $1M by Fixing Bugs Before Release

August 27, 2020

Even the most robust and well-resourced QA labs have limits. There’s simply no way to keep up with the growing combinations of technology devices your customers are using in their lives. But products that operate seamlessly in any and every technical environment are exactly what your customers are expecting.

The testing team at Arris, a world-leading telecom company, had always relied on extensive internal testing as the main requirement for launching their modem and router products. But they knew internal testing couldn’t fill all the gaps — and it wasn’t financially feasible to equip their lab with the thousands of tech products they needed to do so. They needed a cost-effective way to verify their routers and modems were operating seamlessly in the wild.

Enter Centercode. Our latest case study shows how Arris leveraged the Centercode Platform to grow their tester community and dramatically increase their real-world testing capabilities — saving over $1M of bug-related potential lost revenue in the process.

How Arris Saved $1M by Fixing Bugs Before Release

Download your copy of the case study and see how Centercode provided the perfect solution for Arris.

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