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Case Study

Embarcadero Creates Unified Program Using Centercode

May 15, 2013

Many beta testing processes are born out of necessity. Your team needs to run a beta test, so you pull together a combination of tools, spreadsheets, and emails to get it done. As your company and beta program grows, however, this approach can become confusing for your customers, who are trying to remember multiple logins, URLs, and processes.

Embarcadero was facing this exact situation. Each development team within the company was creating their own systems and tools for each beta test, resulting in confused, disengaged customers. Embarcadero’s executives realized that they needed a common solution that would work for all their product teams. They needed something low maintenance, but sophisticated enough to tie into their existing customer network. That’s when they learned about Centercode.

Download the complete case study to learn more about how the Centercode platform helped Embarcadero’s team integrate a slew of different tools and processes into a unified beta program. Afterward, be sure to check out the rest of our customer case studies in our Purchasing Resources Library.

Download the complete Embarcadero case study.

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