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Announcing Centercode Training Videos

November 30, 2012

Great news for Centercode platform beta managers and enthusiasts! Centercode is happy to officially offer a full suite of training videos for our software. The video courses are designed to get new users up to speed on Centercode, but can also be helpful if you’re considering using our platform for your next beta test or are currently in your free trial.

We’ve created videos for three different roles:

  • Community Managers: This course is designed to go through everything you need to know to build and maintain an active beta community, from adding your branding to preventing data decay.
  • Project Managers: This course is focused on the skills needed to develop and administer projects within a beta program, and will cover topics such as: qualifying testers, creating custom resources, designing feedback forms, and analyzing captured data.
  • Team Members: This is a single video that covers the basics for anyone who may be supporting a project in Centercode, but doesn’t have administrative privileges. The video covers feedback triage, user management searches, and other features your team members might find useful.

These courses are available on Udemy, a great e-learning site where you can easily move through each course and ask questions about any confusing points as you go. You will need to create a Udemy account to access the courses (don’t worry, it’s free and takes less than 30 seconds!).

Just looking for one video and don’t want to sign up for the full course? Check out our Vimeo page. All of the same videos are posted there as well (they just aren’t quite as pretty or easy to navigate).

We hope you find these videos to be a helpful tool as you either evaluate or continue to use Centercode. We’ll be improving upon and updating the videos based on your feedback, so feel free to tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly as you use this new resource!

Check out the Centercode training videos now!

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