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Centercode Platform Video Tour

October 30, 2009

We’ve just posted a video overview of our beta test management software, which provides a ~10 minute introduction to a beta/project manager perspective of using our beta management software. Centercode is an enormous product that was extremely difficult to summarize in such a short time, but we worked hard to pack as much information into as brief a period as possible, while still using a realistic use-case that our potential customers could relate to.

This video includes a quick look at managing various aspects of a beta project including surveys, tasks, feedback (bugs, suggestions), forums, reports, knowledge base, and users, and can be accessed here:

Believe it or not, these types of videos can be a pretty enormous effort to create in-house, and we’d love your feedback, as it’s our first shot at it. We’d also like to hear suggestions for other videos you’d be interested in seeing, covering more specific aspects of our product (recruitment, reporting, feedback, localization, tester perspective, etc).

Lastly, we’d like to thank the ever brilliant Art Gillespie for his invaluable help with the audio processing.

Luke @ Centercode

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