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Building Brand Evangelism Through User Testing

Posted on
December 20, 2022

We're excited to announce the next episode of the Delta Huddle podcast! Chris Rader, VP of Marketing at Centercode, and Stefan Stenroos, Technical Trainer at Centercode, are joined by Dževad Kudić, Co-founder and COO at Talliez, to discuss the importance of building brand evangelism within your user testing programs.

This episode is all about the greatest resource your testing program can offer you: your testers. Beyond the valuable feedback and insights you get from them during a project, testers offer an immense amount of hidden value and opportunity within a test program. While testers are obviously essential to a successful project, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Great testers stay with your program, form the backbone of your testing community, and even have the potential to become the vaulted “brand evangelists” in the process. With the right amount of nurturing and engagement, brand evangelists become a force multiplier for making sure you launch with confidence.

In this episode:

  • How tester stories impact your organization beyond your testing program
  • The dynamic nature of real world testing & effective tester recruitment
  • How brand evangelists can directly influence product decisions
  • Why it's crucial to make your testers feel valued within your program
  • How brand evangelists can help diversify your marketing strategy

About Our Guest:

Dževad Kudić is a co-founder and COO at Talliez. Talliez is focused on re-inventing consumer reviews to make them useful, engaging, and fun. Dževad has previously worked with several early stage startups including Nest which he supported through the acquisition to Google/Alphabet. Throughout his career he has delivered insights that built higher satisfaction products through real user field testing, and post launch consumer insights programs, often with Centercode as a key partner.

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