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Centercode’s 2016 Industry Report on Beta Testing

October 4, 2016

As the leader in beta test management and solutions, we conducted a survey of professionals from over 260 technology companies to dive deeper into how the industry collects and uses customer feedback before product release. With the results in and analyzed by Centercode’s research team, we’re releasing the Beta Testing Industry Survey Report 2016.

2016 industry report

The report takes a look at how companies structure their beta testing programs, the value they see in beta testing, the challenges they face, and where some companies found success in how they run their beta tests.

One key takeaway indicates that beta testing in the industry is still in its infancy, with many areas of fragmentation. From the diverse job titles of the respondents and the extent of their involvement in their company’s beta programs to the dozens of terms for beta testing and tools used to run them, there are as yet no set standards across the industry.

The report also shows that many companies don’t currently feel like they’re getting the full value out of this stage of the product development lifecycle. The challenges they face include having sufficient time and team bandwidth to run beta tests, as well as getting testers to participate and provide useful feedback. However, the industry does see the potential that beta testing has in increasing customer satisfaction, retention, and perception of their product and company.

Download the Beta Testing Industry Survey Report now and see how your company and beta program stack up! If you want to learn more about how Centercode can help with your specific beta program, you can schedule a demo to learn about our platform and services. You can also check out a range of free helpful beta testing guides in our resource library.

Download the Beta Testing Industry Report!

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