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Test Strategy

Delta Testing for Competitive Product Analysis

August 11, 2021

Entering the market with a product for the first time? Or maybe you have a serious competitor you need an edge on. In both cases, you're probably already knee-deep in market research. But there are even more insights you can glean with automated user testing, or delta testing.

Specifically, using delta to perform competitive testing offers new market research possibilities with in-depth insights into your competitors' products on the market.

Delta Testing for Competitive Product Analysis

What Is Competitive Testing?

Competitive testing is a use case in delta testing that lets you research and test competitors' products with their customers (i.e., your potential customers). Performing this test early in the product development life cycle ensures great product-market fit and meaningful differentiation as you build your product and develop your roadmap.

It Enhances Market Research

But why do I need competitive testing if I'm already doing market research?

Market research relies mainly on surveys, interviews, and focus groups, while competitive testing uses real-world product usage to generate qualitative feedback. It enhances your market research efforts with a deep and nuanced understanding of the market at a product experience level.

Delta complements market research by:

  • Allowing you to identify and contextualize market research through ser feedback about your competitors' products,
  • Highlighting your competitors' weaknesses and strengths to consider for your product,
  • Validating that the end product actually delivers on customer needs and requirements identified during market research, and
  • Providing insight on how to best market your final product based on those experiences.

It's Powered by Customer Insights

The insights from competitive testing come directly from your competitors' real customers in the same homes and offices where your product might one day perform. This includes insights into what your competitors are doing well, what they could do better, which features are essential to your potential customers, where there are gaps you could fill, and which experiences you could improve on.

It Gives You Actionable Market Intelligence

By delta testing your competitors' products, you're tapping into market sentiment and getting in-depth intel on how their products are performing. You have better insight into the future technographic environments of your product, and benchmarks for your upcoming build. On top of that, delta testing delivers prioritized action items for how to improve on your competitors' products, giving you a data-backed way of driving your product roadmap.

Team Up with Centercode to Beat the Competition

From finding ideal testers in your market to breaking down the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in a competitor's products, working with Centercode will give you the tools and solutions to understand your competitor's products at an intimate level. Our platform is equipped to streamline, automate, and measure user testing so you'll spend less time getting results and more time using them.

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