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How to Save 40% More Time on Beta

July 24, 2020

If you’re like 75% of professionals charged with securing real-world insights from beta testing, your time is short. When it comes to beta testing, Centercode is synonymous with saving time. We’re a one-stop-shop for removing time sinks by simplifying beta processes, automating tasks, and securing razor-sharp, real-world validated product recommendations.

Here’s how top tech companies shave off 40% of the time they spend beta testing by using Centercode.

How to Save 40% More Time on Beta

The Time Sink: Recruitment

If you’ve ever run a customer test without an active community of beta testers, you’re probably familiar with the challenges of recruitment. Many teams struggle to bring in candidates that fit their target market, especially for niche audiences. Many also find it difficult to ensure their testers will provide the feedback needed to make accurate product recommendations.

Save Time by Connecting with Betabound

Here’s how connecting to our tester network, Betabound, ensures you recruit testers who are both the right fit for your product and guaranteed to provide feedback. With access to over 250,000 users, you’ll save tons of time throughout your test.

  • They’re pre-profiled, meaning they’ve volunteered their technographic and demographic information before recruitment begins. This makes it easy to match candidates to your specific project qualifications.
  • They’re vetted, meaning we’ve kept tabs on their past beta test performance to ensure our testers are enthusiastic about testing and dedicated to validating your product.
  • They’re connected, meaning we routinely incentivize top performers to recruit candidates from their personal contacts. This keeps our network growing and allows us to reach farther into even the nichest markets.

The Time Sink: Managing Pre-release Tests

According to data from the 2020 Customer Validation Industry Report, two-thirds of beta testing professionals are managing tests using email and spreadsheets. But the dollars these teams save by using generic tools are quickly lost in the form of labor hours spent — slogging through emails and spreadsheets, triaging and prioritizing feedback, and keeping engineers and other stakeholders updated with key insights.

Save Time by Simplifying Your Efforts

The Centercode Platform is the only platform built to handle all aspects of customer test management. Here’s how its built-for-beta features differ from the competition, allowing you to reduce hassle and save more time.

  • Our platform brings your beta program into a single tool. No more copying and pasting from email to spreadsheets. Centercode houses every aspect of your beta project and program — from community and recruitment, to feedback management, feedback analysis, and reporting.
  • It automates your processes. Centercode uses “if this, then that” workflows to streamline everything from reminder emails, to user scoring, to feedback management.
  • It integrates with your current systems (like CRMs, bug tracking, and business intelligence tools) through easy-to-use APIs, so your organization has the up-to-the-minute data it needs.
  • It’s infinitely scalable, whether you’re a one-man show in need of a heavy-lifter that enables you to take on more product tests, or you’re a growing team looking to support the needs of an enterprise organization.

See how the Centercode Platform compares with competitors on G2.

The Time Sink: Analyzing Insights

Many teams spend so much time recruiting and soliciting feedback that they have little time left to organize that feedback, analyze it, and deliver product recommendations. In 2019, less than a quarter of beta testing professionals reported spending the right amount of time generating insights.

Save Time with Smart Prioritization and Reporting

Designed specifically to meet the needs of beta testing programs, the Centercode Platform uses machine learning to move time-consuming tasks off of your plate. Here are the built-in features that free up your bandwidth and give you more time to focus where it counts.

  • It prioritizes feedback automatically based on your goals so you know at a glance which features and issues need your engineering team’s attention.
  • It auto-generates reports in real-time and customizes the data sent to each stakeholder group based on their unique needs and care-abouts. Say goodbye to manually updating spreadsheets and presentations for your stakeholder meetings.
  • It uses curated dashboards that surface the most important information about your program, which lets you jump straight into making game-changing recommendations.

The Time Sink: Doing Beta at All

Beta tests have many moving parts, which makes getting everything done a mentally challenging and time-consuming process. This is especially difficult if you, like 50% of customer testing professionals, haven’t yet defined and solidified optimal beta processes for your organization.

Save Time by Outsourcing Test Management

Here’s why letting the Centercode Managed Services Team handle the heavy lifting for your beta test is your best option for securing product insights when you need reliable results in a crunch.

  • Our tester team is experienced. They have over two decades of in-the-field experience with leading-edge tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. They know which questions to ask to get you the results you need.
  • They’re using best practices. Every one of our program managers is certified and up-to-date on the most thorough and efficient practices for handling each part of your test.
  • They produce results in real-time. There’s no waiting for your results to come out of a black box. With full access to what’s happening in your program via the Centercode Platform, you have complete visibility at all times.

Better Betas Before You Know It

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