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Content Release

New eBook for Product Managers

April 16, 2013

Beta testing is often dumped on the plate of an already busy product manager during the hectic weeks before a product launch. To make matters worse, companies rarely have the tools and processes in place to run an effective beta test. As a result, beta ends up feeling more like a necessary evil that needs to get checked off of the list, rather than a valuable contribution to product development.

We’ve put together a free eBook specifically designed to help product managers get the most out of beta testing their products. It’s called The Real Role of Beta Testing in Product Management and in it we look at the role beta testing plays for many product managers and how product managers can turn beta around to work for them and help them further their goals as product managers.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in our new eBook:

  • Four reasons most product managers think they run beta tests (and why they’re frustrating!)
  • The ten ways beta can really help product managers
  • Seven keys to a sane and highly successful beta test
  • The top ten mistakes product managers make when running a beta
  • Five great goals to consider for your next beta test

This eBook will turn beta testing into a powerful tool that gives you the knowledge, relationships, and leverage to excel within your company. Download it below or check out our other free resources.

Download the eBook now!

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