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Product Development

Is Product Perfection Really Attainable?

October 23, 2020

Imagine: A delightful, bug-free product springs fully formed from your PRD and lands directly into your customers’ waiting hands. Seems impossible? That’s only because…it is. No product is perfect at the start. But perfecting a product is possible — and with the right methodologies and practices, it’s well within reach. But first,

What Makes a Perfected Product?

A perfected product is one that meets its design requirements, provides an amazing user experience, exceeds customer expectations, and blows revenue forecasts out of the water. But reaching this high bar in today’s market is no easy task.

Let’s take a closer look at each vector.

Meeting Design Requirements

This goes without saying since product functionality is the baseline of product success. So why are we saying it? Because the complexity of both today’s products and your customers’ technological environments make this incredibly difficult to achieve. There’s a lot to grapple with, from playing nice with an enormous variety of connected devices, to maintaining seamless functionality week after week as you iterate and update your product.

The key? Surfacing these hidden issues, prioritizing them based on their impact on product success, and turning around the most impactful fixes before your next release. The Centercode Platform is built for speed: its built-in delta processes align with your agile ones so you can test every release with real customers before it goes live. And with automated feedback scoring, there’s a shorter link between lurking bugs and your engineering team. A recent study showed that partnering with Centercode increased engineering efficiency by 10%.

Providing an Amazing User Experience

Beta testing has long been understood as “just a bug hunt.” And it is a bug hunt — but its usefulness goes much, much deeper. It also supplies insight into how your customers use and experience your products in their actual homes and true environments.

Centercode’s platform and methodologies make it easy to collect net promoter scores (NPS), pre-release reviews, and these other forms of useful qualitative data that enable you to improve the user experience before your product hits the market.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

As tech evolves more quickly and becomes more sophisticated, customer expectations for functionality and ease-of-use are also growing — along with their impatience for products that don’t hit the mark. With the constant shifts, changes, and new additions to today’s technology landscape, it’s harder than ever to keep up. That’s why a whopping 97% of companies are practicing some sort of agile development as they continuously iterate and improve their products.

But while development is becoming more agile, beta testing at many organizations is stuck in the 90s — complete with time-consuming processes that deliver results too little, too late. Processes and tools that support rapid iteration are no longer just a “nice-to-have”. That’s why we’ve engineered our platform and testing framework to support Agile. Centercode’s machine learning and automation capabilities help churn out prioritized insights faster, meaning:

  • continuous validation of issues before every release
  • a farewell to tech’s reputation for clunky or cumbersome product interactions, and
  • a hello to seamless, crowd-pleasing user experiences every session.

Blowing Revenue Forecasts Out of the Water

Functional? Check. Enjoyable? Check. Reliable every time? Check. The result? A bigger bottom line.

Is Product Perfection Really Attainable?

When you’re continuously serving up perfected products, your customers will show you the money. By partnering with Centercode to improve product quality and satisfaction, you’re paving the way for more sales, fewer RMAs, higher star ratings, and increased customer loyalty.

Taking It to the Real World

The pursuit of product perfection comes with unique challenges, and we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with companies from a wide range of industries to solve them all — from simple mobile apps to complex superterrestrial satellite systems. See how Centercode customers in a variety of industries are tripling the return on investment from beta testing in this new study.

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