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Webinar on Running a Great B2B Beta Test

August 18, 2016

B2B companies are under a huge amount of pressure to help their customers succeed in their own businesses. Word travels fast, and if your product doesn’t live up to expectations, you’ll risk negative reviews within your industry, resulting in the loss of business opportunities.

So are you truly confident you’re helping your customers succeed? Or are you causing them more headaches than you think with a subpar product?

A well run beta test will save you time, money, and resources while ensuring that you’re releasing a product that will keep your customers happy. Join us on Thursday, August 25th, at 11:00 am PDT as we dive into our best practices for running a successful B2B beta test. We’ll discuss:

  • How and where to recruit B2B beta testers
  • Ways to keep testers engaged throughout their work day
  • How to thank and incentivize business beta testers
  • How to collect B2B product feedback during beta that will actually help improve your product
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