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Product Development

What Is The Value of Beta Testers?

July 13, 2023

Are you benefiting from beta testers after launch? You may be missing ROI if you don't think so. It's not unusual to think that testers are only valuable during the beta phase. But, the benefits of good beta testers go far beyond testing.

So, what is the value of beta testers? The value of beta testers is product feedback during development and influence as early adopters after release. 

Testers spend weeks with a development team submitting feedback about what's working and what's not. They answer questions about their testing, provide more details on issues, and respond to requests for validating bug fixes. Product teams use this feedback to improve the user experience and software quality.

Building relationships with testers and providing good support can evolve those testers into advocates for your product. These users become evangelists recommending the product to others, leaving good reviews, and answering questions online. These early adopters are essential in the coming months after a product launch.


In simple words, beta testers are essential. They help improve your product and can become your product's biggest fans after it's launched. They can tell others about your product, leave good reviews, and help answer questions online. It's not just about using them to test your product. If you treat them right, they can help you sell them, too. So, pay attention to your beta testers after the product launch. They can help you a lot.

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