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Free eBook: 100 Tips for Better Beta Tests

July 21, 2011

We’re happy to announce that our long-awaited eBook, 100 Tips for Better Beta Tests, is now available. This free 32-page guide offers tips on all phases of beta testing, from planning through completion, with a mixture of our own best practices and contributions from test managers at Adobe, Avid, Autodesk, Symantec, TiVo, and UPS.

100 Tips eBook Cover

Whether you’re managing your first beta test or your fiftieth, there’s a great deal of information in this eBook that you can benefit from. Topics include:

  • Planning Your Beta Test
  • Recruiting Beta Candidates
  • Selecting Beta Testers
  • Handling NDAs and Agreements
  • Kicking Off Your Beta
  • Assigning Tester Activities
  • Communicating With Testers
  • Maintaining Participation
  • Handling Feedback
  • Dealing With Scheduling
  • Incorporating Other Teams
  • Closing the Beta
  • Rewarding Your Testers

Download our free eBook: 100 Tips for Better Beta Tests

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