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Content Release

New eBook: Keeping Beta Tests Confidential

March 12, 2013

Product launches are often shrouded in secrecy, with a focus on making a big splash when the product is launched. Teams often devote months (if not years) to developing a new product. As you and your team get closer to the release, you get more and more nervous about confidential product details going public. In those final weeks, putting your product into the hands of a group of complete strangers for a beta test can feel like a huge risk. What if someone finds out about the bugs we uncover? What if a beta tester tells the press about the product? Or worse, gives product information to one of my competitors?

What most teams don’t realize is that beta test leaks are actually quite rare and easily prevented. By putting a couple best practices in place, you can greatly diminish the likelihood of a leak while preparing yourself to handle a leak if it occurs. Our new eBook will help you identify the risks and take the right steps to ensure that your confidential information stays that way.

Our Keeping Beta Tests Confidential eBook covers:

  • The Different Types of Prerelease Leaks
  • Why Companies Fear Prelaunch Leaks
  • Where Leaks Really Come From
  • How to Increase Beta Confidentiality
  • Monitoring for Leaks
  • What You Can Do if There’s a Leak

The processes and suggestions in this eBook are taken directly from our best practices after running hundreds of beta tests for the biggest names in tech. It’s our hope that this resource can help you breathe a little easier as you prepare for your beta test, knowing that your product is protected.

Download the Keeping Beta Tests Confidential eBook!

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