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How to Increase Your Beta Engagement by 75%

July 28, 2020

Begging for feedback from unenthusiastic or inexperienced testers is a frustratingly common occurrence for many beta and delta testing teams. But tester engagement — and the resulting feedback — are both vital to test success. After all, without pre-release feedback to act on, there’s no way to be sure your next release has the quality your customers expect and deserve.

With 50% of beta testing professionals struggling without the help of adequate guidance or resources — most of whom are also managing beta tests as just one part of their job — it’s no surprise that many see low tester engagement. In fact, recent research shows that even dedicated teams see beta test participation levels as low as 15%.

With Centercode, the results are anything but average. Tapping into how and why so many beta and delta teams struggle with engagement, we’ve empowered testing teams to increase beta participation by 75%. This dramatic uptick in tester participation leads to more features reviewed, more efficient engineering processes, and higher beta program ROI.

The secret to Centercode’s 90% participation success rate? Alongside two decades of best practices are vetted processes, consistent communication tactics, and the Centercode Platform’s one-of-a-kind automation. Set up a time to chat with one of our expert customer testing consultants, or keep reading to learn how Centercode’s unique solutions enable world-leading tech companies to perfect their beta tests.

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The Struggle is Real

If you’re a seasoned testing professional, you know it takes enormous effort to secure high tester participation. If you’re new to testing, we’ve written extensively about the many project aspects that affect tester participation, from communication, to tools, product readiness, and to the testers themselves.

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The big thing to remember is that securing high engagement is not about one show of herculean force. Instead, great results come from small but consistent actions, such as weekly schedules, reminders, and follow-ups. And of course, like any relationship, it’s about having the right testers from the get-go.

Centercode with the Assist

The Centercode Platform supercharges your effectiveness by automating those weekly and daily tasks. It schedules email reminders, automates follow-up requests, and notifies you of show-stopping issues so you’re able to jump into action immediately.

This empowers you to stay focused on securing the feedback your stakeholders need and translating it into powerful product recommendations.

The Big Benefits of Small Actions

Almost 3 out of 4 of testing professionals say they’re short on time — which means every minute you save counts. That’s what makes the Centercode Platform so powerful. It takes small actions off your plate, leaving you more time and bandwidth to focus on the product areas and key features that make your product stand out.

On top of saving time, you’re also fulfilling the ultimate goal of customer testing: delivering a stellar product. Here’s a quick list of the effects that higher engagement and abundant feedback bring.

  • More features reviewed. Keeping people engaged and progressing through your test means a full review of your product’s feature set, eliminating surprises down the road.
  • Highlighting critical feedback. Engaged testers generate more feedback that clusters together and makes it easier to prioritize which issues to fix before launch.
  • Closing the feedback loop. Active, targeted testers provide ongoing feedback, which means you don’t have to spend time tracking them down for clarity or to confirm your fixes work.

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