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How to Write Super-Clickable Beta Invite Emails (with Samples!)

April 19, 2022

The benefits of an awesome, highly effective invite are obvious: it allows you to attract and recruit qualified candidates (like customers or potential customers) for your beta, field, UAT, and user testing projects. It also grows your pool of people to choose from, increasing the likelihood that you'll pull in abundant, actionable feedback come test time.

But (and I say this as a writer) writing is hard. It's even harder when you're trying to juggle it with responding to email and Slack messages, building decks and reports, attending meetings, and carrying out your other user testing responsibilities. In the brain-dead hours of the afternoon, it can feel like an impossible task to get beyond "Hey there, NAME."

If you're slammed by writer's block, get the ball rolling by copying elements of these best-practice-reinforced beta invite emails that are guaranteed to make recruitment and community building easier.

Beta Invite Email Subject Lines

You can't judge a book by its cover, but the people you're inviting to test will most definitely judge your email by its subject line. Your subject line is sometimes your only shot at hooking testers. But don't worry — to hook interested testers, all you need is the right bait.

Here are some 50-characters-or-fewer, spam-free sample beta invite subject lines you can copy, tweak, or use for inspiration.

  • Like ONE WORD THING YOUR PRODUCT OFFERS? You'll love testing this!
    Example: Like productivity? You'll love testing this!
  • Beta test this GENERIC PRODUCT DESCRIPTION before it's in stores!
    Example: Beta test this smart speaker before it's in stores
  • This beta test is perfect for TESTER SELF-IDENTIFICATION
    Example: This beta test is perfect for dog lovers 🐶
  • Your early access pass to COMPANY's latest beta
    Example: Your early access pass to Centercode's latest beta

Beta Invite Email Body Copy

You probably already know what users get out of using your product, like working smarter, having more fun, or making life easier. But you can also attract potential testers by appealing to the perks of being a tester! Here are some benefit-focused sample sentences and phrases you can tweak and incorporate into your beta invite email.

  • Get a sneak peek at this product/service before it's in stores
  • Make your mark on the future of this product/service
  • Help us test and develop new features and functionality
  • Be more than a user of our product/service — become a tester
  • Try this product/service before anyone else
  • Get an exclusive preview of our latest features
  • Join our exclusive community for a peek behind the scenes at how we build the products you love
  • Help us improve our product/service by testing it
  • If you like using our product/service, you'll love helping us improve it
  • Go from user to superuser by joining our VIP tester community

Beta Invite Email Calls-to-Action

Your call-to-action (or CTA) takes potential testers from your invite to your application, so it's critical to make what you need them to do loud and clear. That means: tapping into their perspective with "me" language, using verbs and affirmations, and setting expectations for what comes next.

Try linking from your invite email to your opportunity using one of these clear, compelling examples.

  • Make Me a Tester
  • Count Me In
  • Yes, I'm In
  • Share My Ideas
  • Add Me to the Test/Community
  • I Want to Test This
  • I'm Tester Material
  • Sign Me Up
  • Let's Do It
  • Tell Me More
  • Take Me to Apply
  • Let's Start Testing

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