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Webinars on Competitive Testing and Goal Setting

September 19, 2016

Did you miss these webinars? Not to worry — you can still watch the How Betas Give You a Competitive Edge webinar on Pragmatic Marketing’s website.

Since it’s back to school season, we have a special treat for you — two webinars over the coming weeks, so you can learn something too!

How Betas Give You a Competitive Edge

First, the wonderful folks at Pragmatic Marketing have invited us back for their Pragmatic Live webinar series. So, on Wednesday, September 21st, at 10:00 am PDT, we’ll be hosting a session on how betas give your product a competitive edge. Centercode’s Marketing Director Emily Hossellman will be exploring how collecting customer feedback during your product’s beta phase can mean the difference between a stellar launch and a flop.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why customer validation can make or break your product.
  • The keys to running a successful beta test.
  • How to run competitive tests of other products in your market.
  • How to analyze that feedback to find your competitive edge.

Customer feedback collected during beta provides you with information that will help improve your product and your customer experience. Learn how to make the most of these insights to give your product a competitive edge that will be sure to set it apart!

Watch this webinar now!

Setting the Right Goals for Your Beta Test

Next up, Centercode’s research team will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, September 29th, at 11:00 am PDT. They’ll discuss how you can set targeted goals for your next beta test and what methods you can use to reach them. A well run beta test can produce enormous amounts of feedback about your product, but all of this information is useless if you’re not collecting the right feedback and don’t have a plan for your team to leverage the data collected.

Join us as our research team dives into:

  • The different types of objectives you can achieve.
  • Why you need to establish, focus, and prioritize your goals.
  • How the Centercode team sets goals for individual beta tests.

If you’re planning your next beta test, you cannot afford to miss this webinar. If you can’t attend on the day, you can still sign up and we’ll send you the recording after the webinar is complete.

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